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As of 9 a.m. Tuesday, January 17, TCEC has brought in an additional 150 linemen who are working extended hours to restore power to members affected by the ice storm.

At this time, approximately 4,350 meters in Beaver County and parts of Texas County are without power. We are estimating more than 1,000 broken poles and more than 1,400 damaged crossarms. We are setting poles and stringing wire today. Because of the wet and muddy conditions, progress will be slow. 

“We are focusing on transmission lines first so we can get the most people back on as quickly as possible,” said CEO Zac Perkins “However, we also have smaller crews working in affected areas to restore service to residential areas. We appreciate everyone’s support and patience.”

There are many downed power lines lying across roads and driveways. Our restoration efforts are focused on critical infrastructure (substations, transmission lines, main distribution lines, etc.). Do not touch any wire on the ground, even if you think it is phone or cable TV. Any line, no matter what type, has the potential to become energized due to storm damage. Do not try to remove wires that are tangled in trees. We are not able to give estimates of when crews will be in your area to take care of downed lines but we do appreciate you reporting them.

Be careful with generators. Improperly connected generators create dangerous situations in your home or business. An improperly connected generator can energize power lines and electrocute linemen or anyone else who comes in contact with the line.

If you have not yet reported your outage, you can do so using SmartHub or by calling 580.652.2418. Once reported, though, calling back for status reports unnecessarily ties up phone lines and resources needed to get lights back on. Outage duration will vary and is unknown at this time. Some outages could last weeks due to extensive ice damage. To track the progress of outage restoration efforts, see the outage map at

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