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Lower your bill with SmartHub

Access SmartHub through our website at or download the app to track energy use, make payments, enroll in notifications and more. View our how-to video for more information.


Tip No. 1:
SmartHub will show your unbilled energy use, spikes when the temperature is hotter and your air conditioner is working harder or on laundry days when you’re using your electric dryer. Look for ways to use less energy and lower your bill by learning your energy use patterns.

Tip No. 2:
Other local companies, like PTCI, use the same billing provider and offer SmartHub too. Your TCEC account is separate and will have its own login. You will need to register as a new user.

Tip No. 3:
If you’re already using SmartHub for another company and want to switch to your TCEC account, you can do so under ‘Settings.’

Tip No. 4:
After you download the SmartHub app, you can search for ‘TCEC’ by name or by location. We are listed as ‘TCEC’ in the app.

Tip No. 5:
Explore all the ways you can manage your TCEC account through SmartHub. From the app, you can:

  • Make a Payment
  • Report An Outage
  • Contact Us
  • View Energy Use
  • View Billing History
  • View Notifications
  • Check out TCEC Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels

Tip No. 6:
Go paperless. You can elect to stop receiving a paper bill on the web version of SmartHub under ‘My Profile,’ then ‘My Information,’ then ‘Update My Printed Bill Settings.’

Tip No. 7:
Currently, text and email notifications must be set up through the website version of SmartHub at It is not possible to do so through the app. Be sure to go online and enroll in notifications to monitor your account balance and more.

Tip No. 8:
Phone an expert. If you have questions about SmartHub, call TCEC during regular business hours at 580.652.2418 or email us at We’re here to help.

The graph at left shows one homeowner’s energy use the week of May 28, 2017. The black line shows the average temperature. Here, you can see how the energy use follows the temperature. When the energy use bar is higher than the average temperature line, examine your energy use patterns for things like laundry or additional house guests that might cause an increase. These charts are available free to all members who register and access SmartHub.


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