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Winter energy use greatest factor impacting electric bills

TCEC members are fighting the winter chill, which can cause higher energy use and lead to higher electric bills.

“Energy use varies greatly from house to house and member to member,” Chris Purdy, TCEC vice president of Member Solutions, said. “It also varies depending on the time of year. For example, people with all-electric homes or heat pumps will see their electricity use peak in the summer and winter. People with both gas and electric in their home will typically see higher electric use in the summer and higher gas use in the winter.”

Purdy stressed the cooperative offers several resources to help members manage their bills.

“As a cooperative, we’re member-owned and we’re here to help,” Purdy said. “We offer Levelized billing to help members pay a more even electric bill from month-to-month. We also offer Pay As You Go for members to control their balance and use.” 

TCEC members can view their energy use using SmartHub via the web or mobile app rather than waiting for their monthly statement to arrive. Visit to register for SmartHub and download the SmartHub app.


Bills from TCEC are for electricity use in the prior month unless a member is on the Pay As You Go plan. The temperature graph and kWh use chart on the bill helps show how energy use is influenced by the weather and time of year.

Members with questions regarding their bills or any other aspect of their electric service can contact TCEC at 580-652-2418 or


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