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CEO Zac Perkins Winter Storm Jupiter Updates on YouTube

Follow CEO Zac Perkins as he updates members on the winter storm damages across TCEC's service territory.


Update from CEO Zac Perkins - Monday, Jan. 16, 11 a.m.

CEO Zac Perkins updates TCEC members from the field on the current ice storm conditions. Sixteen crews are working to repair damages and restore power. We thank you for your continued patience. 

Ice Storm Outage Update - Monday, Jan. 16, 9 a.m.

As of 9 a.m. on Monday, January 16, we have 16 crews working to restore power to members affected by the ice storm. More crews are on the way.

Winter storm Jupiter causes power outages in Oklahoma Panhandle

Winter storm Jupiter has swept into the Oklahoma Panhandle, causing power outages for many TCEC members in Beaver County and elsewhere. Efforts continue this afternoon to restore electric service to about 2,000 TCEC meters affected by the ice storm.  As always with an ice event, the extent of the damage will depend on the wind. The current wind forecast is calling for an increase this evening.

Power outage safety tips from TCEC

Power outage safety tips from TCEC

If power goes out, take steps to protect your family and property:

Forecast Update/Media Quick Facts

Friday Afternoon – January 13, 2017, 4 p.m.


Prepare for the possibility of extended power outages this weekend. See for tips. Be sure to download the SmartHub app and register now for easy outage reporting.


Serves the Oklahoma Panhandle, Elkhart, Kansas and some surrounding areas

5,000 miles of lines

TCEC part of ABC 7 News Amarillo Broadcast

Chris PurdyTCEC's Vice President of Member Solutions, Chris Purdy was interviewed for an ABC 7 News story that appeared on television on January 12. View the story.

Prepare for possibility of extended outages

The weather forecast still predicts a significant ice event for the entire TCEC service area. Current weather models show more severity in Beaver County. As always this is just a forecast and could change at any time. Be prepared for the possibility of extended power outages. 

CEO Zac Perkins said this in his message to members Tuesday, read the full message here.

TCEC prepared for approaching winter storm, urges members to prepare too

TCEC, with a long history of dealing with winter weather related outages, is busy preparing to restore power if ice brings down trees and power lines this weekend. 

“If there are outages, our objective is to get power flowing again to as many members as safely as possible in the shortest time,” said Chris Purdy, vice president of Member Solutions.

Message from CEO Zac Perkins regarding significant weather event this weekend

Current weather forecasts predict a 70-90 percent chance of snow and freezing precipitation for Friday through Sunday. While I hope it’s just rain or snow, we could receive some icing. As we know from past experience, ice can be destructive and can lead to extended outages. At TCEC, we will be standing by with all hands on deck. We’ll prepare for the worst, but hope for the best.


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