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Trust TCEC for your energy needs

By Zac Perkins
TCEC Chief Executive Officer

As the popularity of alternative energy options increases, so does the likelihood of our members being contacted by third party companies who are not affiliated with TCEC.

Whether you’re looking to buy rooftop solar, a wind turbine, a standby generator or any other electricity-related big ticket item, I urge you to call us and ask how the interconnection and rate agreement works before signing on the dotted line. We’ll explain what we can do and help you explore your options. That’s what we’re here for, to be your trusted energy partner. You are our neighbors, friends, family and most importantly our cooperative owners. Helping our members make good energy decisions is one of our responsibilities.

We do offer a net metering program for members who choose to install a renewable energy generator behind the utility meter. This program is currently limited to an installed capacity of 250 KW. Our team will work with you to make sure your installation is sized appropriately and installed correctly. The Distributed Generation and Net Metering Program Guidelines and our Rules and Regulations are on our website at

An affordable alternative to installing something on your property is our Community Solar option, which benefits all members and has about a 10-year payback period. The price per share (equivalent to a panel) is $326 for a subscription through the year 2041. Members receive a credit on their electric bill for their share of the energy produced by the array.

Again, if there is any energy topic you have a question about or are considering purchasing, please don’t hesitate to contact TCEC to discuss it in more detail. Our number is 580.652.2418 and our email is We’re here for you.



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